Dave McCullen

Dave McCullen started as a producer at the recordcompany A&S productions where he met Peter Luts.They started working together and they created lot's of successfull songs & projects. A fantastic team !They produced projects like Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, Roadblock,...Besides producing Dave is also a great songwriter.He began his Dj career at the age of 16. Where he played in commercial clubs. His playlist can be very diverse, but his goal is to make crowd go wild. Read more on Last.fm Read more

d a few solo singles under his own name Dave McCullen. Those tracks were specific for the German market and sounded more hard-style. His latest single 'B*TCH' is becoming a big hit now, he moved his sound from hard-style into electro/groove.B*tch is doing great in Belgium & The Netherlands and several countries are playing the record now.Dave is a DJ / producer with a lot of experience.We can expect the next single just before summer. Read more on Last.fm. Read more

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