Shadden and the King Lears

This band is from Memphis Tennessee. The lead singer was Shad Williams. He was Born in 1946. The Drummer was Preston "Bubba" Williams, his brother, who was born in 1948. The band was together from the early 1960's until 1968 when Shad quit the band to go to Seminary. The most popular song by the King Lears is "All I want is You". The reason for this is the popularity of the book A History of Garage & Frat Bands in Memphis, 1960-1975. They had Read more on Read more

gional hits including "She's on a Merry Go Round", "Knock on Wood", and "Baby its too Late". The one that changed it all, though, was "Come Back When You Grow", which was made famous by Bobby Vee."Come Back" was a song Shad came across in a music catalog. He liked the words but did not like the musical composition. He and his brother, along with saxaphonist, Newel, reworked the arrangement and the end result was the song you know today. It became a hit almost instantly and the band began to enjoy quite a bit of success. One night, while on the road to a gig in Louisiana, the band heard the opening notes of the song come on the radio. As Shad turned it up to listen he was stunned - it was NOT HIM SINGING. It was Bobby Vee, who had been famous in earlier years but had suffered low record sales for a while at that point. After contacting their manager and many of the local radio stations/ dj's it was discovered that they had been the victimes of payola. Bobby Vee's manager heard the song one night when Shadden and the King Lears were playing live. He got a copy of the 45 and gave it to Mr. Vee, telling him that he had found his next number #1 hit. They went into the recording studio and, using the King Lears arrangement, made an exact copy of their song only using Bobby Vee to sing instead of Shad. Once they finished recording and cut the record they took it to radio stations all over. Any that were already playing the King Lears version (it had already hit #1 in the charts at that point) were paid to pull it and put the Bobby Vee version in it's slot. By the time the song became a national and international hit it was only the name Bobby Vee that was and would be associated with the tune. In those days the idea of copywritten work was not discussed much and the focus was on producing the music, not protecting it. Shadden and the King Lears were left with no real recourse and were forced to move on in search of another hit record. By the time they were being courted by large national record labels, Shad had tired of the rock and roll life and was ready to change his life completely. He became an ordained minister and has had his own evangelistic ministry for the past 31 years. He still plays the guitar and loves to sing, but now he does it all over the world while preaching the Gospel to millions and millions of people.His brother, Preston, still lives in Memphis, only 2 hours away from Shad. He owns a furniture store. He is married with one step son and several grandchildren. Shad is married to his wife, Sheila, and they have been married for 41 years. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. I can tell you that he is still an awesome guy and that rock and roll never leaves your soul completely. He still gets together with friends and they have "jam sessions" a few times each year. It is during these sessions that the King Lear in him really comes out and shine. How do I know so much about this band? Shad is my father. His music, as well as that of many of the Memphis Garage Bands of that day, made a huge impact on the music industry. Through books and the internet, great bands like this will no longer go unnoticed and underappreciated. Read more on Read more

A History of Garage and Frat Bands in Memphis: 1960-1975 / 2001 / 15 songs / 33:33

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