Tilt is a name used by more then one artist: 1. Formed in the early-1990s, Tilt was a Berkeley, CA-based punk rock band known for their melodic songs featuring social commentary, dark humor and intelligent lyrics. Fronted by husband-and wife team, vocalist/songwriter Cinder Block and guitarist Jeffery Bischoff with ex-Crimpshrine bassist Pete Rypins and drummer Vince Camacho, Tilt first released a successful demo that charted at local college station KALX for a month before recording their first 7" self-titled EP in January 1992. Read more on Last.fm Read more

ebut, Play Cell, came in 1993 on Lookout! Records and in 1995 the band released 'Til It Kills on Fat Wreck Chords with Gabe Meline on bass. The band briefly broke up in 1996, but rejoined the following year, this time with ex-Screw 32 member Jimmy Cheetah playing bass. Collect 'Em All was released in 1998, followed by Viewers Like You was in 1999 with bassist Pete Rypins returning. National tours with No Use for a Name and One Man Army followed. Tilt's 22-song B-sides and rarities compilation Been Where? Did What? surfaced in November 2001. The band is currently broken up with no plans to reconvene in the future. In 2004, Cinder Block formed Retching Red with many of the members of Oppressed Logic. In the early years of their musical career, and while touring with Tilt, Cynthia & Jeffrey Bischoff co-founded a Bay Area music merchandising company (aptly named Cinder Block, Inc.), which has grown into an multi-million dollar international operation.2. A Polish rock group, consisting of Tomasz Lipiński - g, voc; Franz Dreadhunter - bg, LaLa - g, kbd; Tomasz Czulak - dr. The band performed with breaks in the years 1979-2003. At first the group was associated with punk scene and played the songs with lyrics in English. Tomek Lipiński- founder, leader, vocalist and guitarist - was the only one who was a member throughout the whole activity of the band.3. A progressive trance collaboration formed by producers Mick Parks and Mick Wilson, along with John Graham (AKA "Quivver"), who later left to pursue his solo career. After Graham's departure, he was replaced by Andy Moor. Tilt is connected with the label Lost Language. They released an album titled Explorer in early 2005 containing such hits as "The World Doesn't Know" (one of the top tunes of 2004) and "New Day". They release new material quite rarely, largely due to Andy Moor's involvement in other collaborations, including Leama and Moor and Whiteroom. On November 6, 2006, they released a new album, Vaults.4. A Washington D.C. offshoot project of go-go music legends Trouble Funk. Between 1983 and 1984, they released 2 regionally popular 12 inches on D.E.T.T. Records, the most popular being the first, "Arkade Funk".5. Tilt is a British post-rock band. Started in January 2009, they released demos on the internet for free. 6. Tilt is an 80's Heavy Metal band from Nagoya (Japan). They released their first Full-length, The Beast in Your Bed, in 1987. In or around 1996, Tilt went on hiatus after the release of "No Other Way to Live".Tilt reunited in late 2013 for a reunion show, and in early 2014 revived the band completely after a hiatus of nearly 18 years.Also appears on the band sampler compilation "Metal Warning" for the label Vice with the songs Bloody Mary and Travelling Man. Read more on Last.fm. Read more

Vaults / 2006 / 10 songs / 1:11:57

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# Title Artist Album Duration Year
Play song 1 7:20 2006
Play song 2 4:56 2006
Play song 3 3:28 2006
Play song 4 11:37 2006
Play song 5 5:23 2006
Play song 6 4:49 2006
Play song 7 8:13 2006
Play song 8 3:58 2006
Play song 9 12:33 2006
Play song 10 9:36 2006
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Explorer / 2005 / 11 songs / 1:11:56

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# Title Artist Album Duration Year
Play song 1 8:31 2005
Play song 2 8:30 2005
Play song 3 4:48 2005
Play song 4 8:55 2005
Play song 5 8:15 2005
Play song 6 7:01 2005
Play song 7 9:27 2005
Play song 8 3:18 2005
Play song 9 3:45 2005
Play song 10 5:13 2005
Play song 11 4:08 2005
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